Statuary_1 Statuaries are three-dimensional artistic sculptures depicting human or animal forms and ranging from miniature to large come in materials like stone, concrete, resin, bronze, and ceramics.

Historically, statuaries were placed in public spaces like parks, buildings, and squares, and they continue to adorn public landscapes. They are also prominently displayed in private gardens, yards, patios, and indoor spaces.

At Southern Hospitality, you can find a stunning range of statuaries and other accessories and décor products – browse, get inspired, and find the perfect statuary for your property

We are the preferred destination for statuaries and sculptural yard art in the greater Tampa region. Operating for over four decades out of our massive retail space, we offer an exceptional in-person selection of statuaries for homes and gardens.

Distinctive Statuaries to Suit Every Preference

Customers travel across central Florida to access our diverse inventory showcasing hundreds of quality statuaries and accompanying fountains, benches, urns, and décor. Some notable features of our statuaries are:
  • Our collection includes statuaries rendered in classic Greek and Roman style, as well as angels, animals, contemporary pieces, and more.
  • Sizes range from diminutive 12-inch miniatures to towering 8-foot statement sculptures.
  • We carry statuary pieces appropriate for every application, from accenting entryways and decorating patios to making a bold focal point in garden beds and landscapes.
  • Materials include versatile and affordable concrete and resin as well as natural stone, quality poly-stone mixes, and long-lasting bronze.
  • Prices span from budget-friendly to upscale investment pieces.
Our experienced staff will happily guide you in selecting the ideal statuary to realize your vision.


Types of Statuaries

We know that the statuary you purchase must align with your property design and styling, and we carry various types of statuaries, such as:

  • People Sculptures - Greek, Roman, cherubs, children, religious figures, and contemporary human forms, and these are the most popular and versatile statuary subject matter.

  • Animal Statuaries - Our animal collection includes birds, big cats, wolves, deer, horses, cows, dogs, frogs etc., that are deal for nature lovers.

  • Abstract Sculptures - For modern and contemporary aesthetics, we carry abstract shapes, spirals, spheres, curves, and fluid forms.

  • Angels - Angel sculptures and cherubs of all types and sizes holding bouquets, playing instruments, resting or kneeling.

  • Oriental Statuaries - Buddha sculptures, lanterns, pagodas, and other Asian-inspired statuary designs are available.

  • Mythical Creature Statuaries - Choose from statuaries of dragons, unicorns, griffins, mermaids, and fairies for fantasy-themed gardens.

  • Flower and Plant Sculptures - Concrete, stone, and polyresin plant and flower sculptures look great in garden beds and pots.

  • Architectural and Geometric Statuaries - Columns, obelisks, spheres, spirals, and cubes lend a modern flair.

Other elements include concrete path stepping-stones molded into animal paw, leaf, or critter shapes. You will also find ancient, yet classic sundial statuaries cast interesting shadows that mark time.


Find Cost-Effective Statuaries

With such an enormous in-stock selection, we offer statuaries to match any landscape. Let your space make a statement with the addition of inspiring sculptural elements. Visit us in Plant City to start designing your ideal yard art display with high-quality statuaries.

For more information about our statuaries and other pottery products, please call the Southern Hospitality team at 813-717-7895 or 813-717-7784. You can email us through this Online Form, and we will contact you soon.

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