Shadow Boxes

Shadow-Boxes_1 Shadow boxes are specialized display cases with a deep, enclosed frame to showcase and protect three-dimensional objects or collections. These boxes typically have a glass front, allowing viewers to see the objects inside while keeping them safe from dust and physical contact. The products come in various shapes and sizes; you can hang them on walls or display them on surfaces like shelves or tables.

Common uses for shadow boxes include preserving and presenting items such as sports memorabilia, military medals, collectible coins, figurines, and small antiques. They provide a visually appealing way to organize and showcase objects with sentimental or aesthetic value.

Some of these pieces often feature interior compartments, shelves, or dividers that allow for creative arrangements and a dynamic presentation of the objects within. They are versatile display solutions for both personal mementos and artistic compositions.

An Impressive Shadow Box Collection

Our establishment offers a diverse selection of shadow boxes tailored to suit various preferences. These shadow boxes are more than just display cases; they are designed to be integral to your interior aesthetics. Whether you're looking to preserve and present sports memorabilia, family heirlooms, or collectibles, our range of shadow boxes ensures you find the perfect fit for your decor.

Shadow-Boxes_2 We offer an assortment of sizes, shapes, and finishes, allowing you to harmonize your treasured items with your interior design seamlessly. With our shadow boxes, you protect your valuables and elevate the visual appeal of your living spaces.

Types of Shadow Boxes

We carry shadow boxes of various types, each catering to different needs and styles, and you can choose from:

  • Wall-Mounted Shadow Boxes - These are the most common and versatile type of shadow boxes designed to be hung on walls. They are available in various sizes and depths, making them suitable for various objects, from family heirlooms to sports memorabilia.

  • Tabletop Shadow Boxes - As the name suggests, tabletop shadow boxes are designed to sit on tables, shelves, or other flat surfaces. They are typically smaller and shallower than wall-mounted shadow boxes, making them ideal for compact collections or items you want to keep within arm's reach.

  • Art Shadow Boxes - Art shadow boxes are more profound than traditional frames and are used to display three-dimensional artwork, sculptures, or crafts. They provide a protective and visually appealing way to present creative and artistic pieces.

  • Shadow-Boxes_3 Jersey Shadow Boxes - Specifically designed to display sports jerseys, these shadow boxes are deeper and larger to accommodate clothing items. They often include a hanger to securely hold the jersey, protecting it from dust and damage while preserving its visual impact.

  • Memory Shadow Boxes - Memory shadow boxes are perfect for creating thematic personal souvenirs and memorabilia displays. They are deeper than standard shadow boxes and often have compartments, shelves, or dividers to organize and present a range of objects from a specific event or period.

  • Coin and Medal Shadow Boxes - These shadow boxes are crafted to house coin or medal collections. They typically have small compartments or grooves to hold each coin or medal securely, allowing for an organized and visually appealing display.

We also carry military shadow boxes, jewelry shadow boxes, and collectible display cases. For more information about our shadow boxes, please call Southern Hospitality at 813-717-7895 or 813-717-7784. Alternatively, use this Online Form to send us questions and requests, and a representative will contact you soon.

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