Fountains_1 The sound of running water has an instantly soothing, relaxing effect. That's why fountains make such an excellent indoor and outdoor addition. The gentle splash of water creates a serene ambiance while also helping to block out unwelcome noises.

Visually, these water features develop an enticing focal point, and their motion enhances the overall atmosphere. You can choose features in various styles, sizes, materials, and designs to match any space.

Superb Quality Fountains in Various Materials

With over 45 years of experience, Southern Hospitality is the leading store when you are searching for high-quality fountains to add beauty and tranquility to your indoor and outdoor living areas—our massive showroom houses one of Florida's most extensive collections of fountains. With hundreds of display options, we will surely have the perfect fountain for your unique needs and style.

Customers travel from the greater region to access our unrivaled selection of fountains. We carry designs appropriate for every application, from small tabletop fountains to grand installations for gardens, patios, and pools. Our inventory includes popular fountain materials like concrete, metal, natural stone, ceramic, and glass.

Whether your tastes are classic and elegant, bold and modern, or rustic and earthy, we have you covered. Of course, our team is always on hand to provide tips and advice to help match you with your dream fountain.


Fountains for Indoor Areas

Depending on the available space and your specific requirements, you can choose from:

  • Tabletop Fountains – These compact features are perfect for desks, shelves, and tabletops, and you can choose from glass, ceramic, stone and metal.

  • Floor Fountains – Our freestanding indoor fountains range from 3 feet to 6 feet tall and are great for plant corners or entryways.

  • Wall-Mounted Fountains – You can place these above sofas, beds, in hallways, or on patios, and they work well in smaller spaces, too as they don't take up square footage.

  • Indoor Waterfall Fountains – These specialty fountains are designed to mimic natural waterfalls with cascading water over rocks or glass.

  • Fountain Bowls and Vases - Beautiful vessels that sit level and overflow or bubble gently and are made from various materials.

Fountains for Outdoor Areas

Outdoor areas are different from indoor spaces, and the types of fountains you can choose from include:
  • Garden Fountains – These statuesque fountains made of stone, concrete or metal are great for placement in gardens and range from 3 feet up to 8 feet tall.

  • Patio Fountains – If you want human-scale fountains ideal for courtyards and patios choose these as they are available in all styles, from classical to modern.

  • Outdoor Waterfall Fountains – These are larger cascading creations using pumps and reservoirs to supply waterflow.

  • Wall Fountains – Like the indoor wall fountains, you can mount these on exterior walls to add attractive architectural accents and choose backlit, stone, or metal versions.

  • Pond and Pool Fountains – These are designed for integration into backyard ponds or swimming pools and make great centerpieces.


Fountain Selections to Suit Every Style

With so many options to see firsthand, you will discover your ideal fountain at our conveniently located store. Let the soothing essence of water enhance your indoor and outdoor living areas. Browse online or visit us in Plant City today!

For more information about our fountains and other pottery products, please call the Southern Hospitality team at 813-717-7895 or 813-717-7784. You can email us through this Online Form, and we will contact you soon.

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