An art piece, whether it is a painting on canvas, photography, or any other medium. Artists invest their skills, passion, and emotions to bring to life something unique that has never ever been there before. When you have a piece of art that needs to b preserved, you will need a quality framer that can be fully trusted with it. This is where the framing services at Southern Hospitality help you.

Custom Framing Solutions

Whether it is a piece of art or memorabilia, the frames you select, and the quality of the framing service are crucial to creating the perfect experience. We provide custom framing solutions for art displays for homes, galleries, or museums.

When it comes to such precious pieces, there is so much at stake. This means you can choose only the best custom frames and high-caliber framing teams. At Southern Hospitality, we have over 45 years of experience in perfecting our framing services. We understand the uniqueness of your pieces and the care, protection, and preservation they deserve. With us, there is no one-size-fits-all frame rule.

Our Range of Framing Services & Solutions

The following is a list of our framing services and solutions:

  • Custom Mirror Framing: The right mirrors can become important elements in great interior design.

  • Custom Framing: We understand that every artwork or photograph is unique, deserving a frame that perfectly complements its essence. Our team of experts excels in crafting tailored framing solutions beyond mere preservation. Each frame reflects your style, a meticulously designed accent that transforms your art or photos into captivating focal points. With a vast array of materials, colors, and designs, our custom framing services offer a world of versatility. Whether it's a classic oil painting or a cherished family photograph, our frames adapt to the dimensions and style of your artwork. It's more than preservation; it's a journey in aesthetics. Your art and photos become not just memories or images but distinctive pieces of decor that harmonize seamlessly with your style and space. When you choose our custom framing services, you choose a personalized touch that breathes life and personality into your visual treasures. Read more about Custom Framing >>

  • Picture Framing: Our picture frames embody a level of craftsmanship that speaks for itself. Crafted with meticulous care, they are a testament to our unwavering pursuit of excellence. Each frame is designed to encapsulate your memories and art in a visually captivating and protective way. Our wide-ranging selection offers a spectrum of styles and materials, from timeless wooden frames that exude warmth to sleek metal frames that resonate with modern aesthetics. We've curated an array of options to ensure a frame suits every taste and artistic preference. The perfect blend of form and function sets our frame products apart. They enhance the aesthetic appeal of your decor while serving as guardians of your cherished artwork and photos, shielding them from environmental factors that could cause harm over time. With us, your memories and art are not just framed; they are showcased in a manner that reflects your style, preserves their essence, and elevates their significance. Read More About Picture Frames >>

  • Framing Mats: Our collection of framing mats showcases our dedication to providing diverse and impeccable solutions for your framing needs. We understand that each art or photograph deserves a mat that perfectly complements its essence. Our mats are available in various shapes and sizes, catering to a wide range of pictures and artwork. Whether you're framing a cherished family photograph or a vintage painting, our mats are designed to create a visual separation between the artwork and the glazing, adding depth and enhancing the overall presentation. With various materials to choose from, including fabric, suede, and bamboo, our mats provide the flexibility to tailor your frames to your unique preferences and artistic sensibilities. We assist you in finding the ideal mat that harmonizes with your artwork, emphasizing its significance and preserving its longevity. Our store goes the extra mile to accommodate custom needs as we also offer tailored framing services, providing our clients the value they seek. Read More About Framing Mats >>

  • Shadow Boxes: We provide an extensive array of shadow boxes, each meticulously designed to cater to various demands and decor preferences. We understand the significance of preserving and showcasing three-dimensional objects, whether sports memorabilia, cherished keepsakes, or artistic creations. Our collection encompasses various types, from wall-mounted and tabletop shadow boxes to specialized options like jersey and military shadow boxes. We offer the ideal platform to harmonize your treasured possessions with your interior aesthetics, allowing you to create captivating displays that tell stories and reflect your style. Our shadow boxes go beyond being display cases; they are transformative elements that protect your valuables and add a visual layer of depth to your living spaces, making them truly stand out. We also offer customization, meaning you get the best boxes for your artwork, photo memorabilia, and other display needs. Our team is here to help you choose a shadow box and material to showcase your items perfectly. Read More About Shadow Boxes >>

  • Framing Restoration: Our framing restoration services help in preserving and revitalizing your cherished pieces. Whether you possess valuable artwork, vintage photographs, historical memorabilia, antique frames, or family heirlooms, we have the expertise to restore these items to their former glory. Our comprehensive approach addresses all aspects of your framed pieces, from the frame itself to the artwork and beyond. We prioritize using archival-quality materials and techniques to ensure that your framed treasures endure the test of time. With a team of skilled craftsmen and experienced art conservators, we bring expertise that guarantees your pieces' meticulous and thoughtful restoration. The result is not just a restored frame or artwork; it's a renewed connection to your memories, history, and the stories you hold dear, now impeccably preserved for the future. When you choose our framing restoration services, you are choosing a return to the beauty and significance of your framed treasures. Read More About Framing Restoration >>

  • Memorabilia Framing: Our memorabilia framing services allow you to display and preserve your cherished items such as college diplomas, sports collectibles, military medals, and wedding invitations among others.

  • Preservation Framing: Whether it is your own creation or a valued artwork you have acquired, our preservation framing services can help preserve and protect them for future generations.

We also offer frames wholesale, providing a cost-effective way to frame your existing and future art pieces.

If you need more information about our services, feel free to contact us at 813-717-7895 or write to us.

Here are a few pictures of some custom framing we have done and some artwork we have available to be framed.

Click on the images below to view a larger display.

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